At the moment TRON seems to be in a good moment, considering that TRX has gone up 14.52% to US$ 0.030377. However, we wanted to ask a little bit about what could be driving it and the answers we found are somewhat interesting.

The historic high for TRX, TRON’s native cryptomone, was US$ 0.23 in January 2018. Since then it has not been able to get close enough to this level.

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What is driving TRON’s TRX right now?
In the last few days the company has released some interesting news. First, TRON and Band Protocol formed a strategic partnership to implement scalable integrations of ecosystems and Oracle technology.
In this way, TRON has completed integrations with Band Protocol to provide secure and verified decentralized oracles, and thus boost its rapidly growing space of decentralized applications and DeFi.

This is important if we remember that TRON is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. The announcement comes as BitTorrent founder and TRON CEO Justin Sun prepares to conduct an AMA with Band Protocol CEO and co-founder Soravis Srinawakoon on Wednesday, September 2 at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time (PT).

Also, this week it was announced that this company created a DeFi Meme coin and named it in honor of Justin Sun. Through $SUN, Sun can expect to demonstrate that he is capable of participating in a community-led cryptographic project.

What’s interesting is that the $ SUN mining will begin this September 2nd as well, and will be officially launched on the 16th of this month during what they have dubbed „SUNday. With all this news, many people consider that there is growth in store for TRON and so they are investing in TRX.

Considering that in the next few days there seems to be more news coming from Justin Sun and the TRON team in general, we invite you to keep an eye on our publications.

Is the TRON (TRX) upward trend here to stay?

Other possibilities
In his Twitter account, Sun made a kind of „announcement about an announcement“, since he commented that in the next few days there would be „interesting news that would benefit TRX, BTT, JST and WIN“. Given the current turmoil in the DeFi industry, it seems likely that the announcement will be about TRON’s DeFi ecosystem.

This would also fit with Sun’s statement that the new venture will include TRX, BTT, JST and WIN. The only plausible way that these four crypto currencies can benefit from each other seems to be a DeFi platform.

However, some users accused Sun of trying to manipulate the price of TRON (TRX) with the tweet. In view of this we must remember that, in 2017, the „announcement of the announcement“ was a common practice in the cryptographic community to increase the price of a cryptomone currency.